You contribute to nature by visiting West-Central Africa

Our approach aims to establish and sustain west central Africa as a unique global destination for tourism, in order to conserve and protect its natural and cultural heritage. This concept is called:  “Conservation Tourism”.

Profits of Africa’s Eden are reinvested in the region to protect nature and generate a sustainable source of income for its population.

Experience authentic nature in an exclusive manner

By travelling to Gabon, São Tomé & Príncipe and / or the Central African Republic, YOU contribute to the protection and conservation of unique and irreplaceable nature.

In return, you are invited in small groups to intimately experience these unique, diverse and intact ecosystems, and to understand and care about the environment and cultures that you will encounter on your journey. We try to achieve this by ensuring that expert guides give visitors a uniquely insightful and informative experience, and by giving you a chance to talk to the researchers on site.

For you, the visitor to these pristine places, west central Africa offers the opportunity to understand and care about the ecosystems you visit, to discover and learn about little-known biological spectacles, creating a product that is unique to this region.

Nick Nichols (photographer) about Loango National Park in National Geographic, August 2004:

The biodiversity here is amazing. This is life at its fullest

Africa’s Eden for Gabon Magazine, June 2008:

‘’What Loango National Park can offer is authentic nature for people to experience in an exclusive manner. I want to keep Loango small-scale and high-end. We will never have several jeeps around a waterhole with guides shining torches into animals’ eyes here, like they do on budget safaris in southern Africa.’’